Play Snooker at Mulgrave Country Club

Playing conditions for Snooker room during Covid-19

  • Mask must always be worn
  • 1.5-meter distance MUST always be adhered to
  • Maximum of 2 players per table (Snooker or Pool)
  • All player MUST use their own cue and chalk (all club cues will be removed from snooker room)
  • Balls and tables are to be cleaned after use (sanitiser supplied and located in snooker room)
  • Bridging and extension equipment including the triangle must be sanitised after used
  • Cleaning of tables and equipment to completed in 90 minute time allotment
  • 90 minutes time limit for each table (under no circumstances can the same player play consecutive time allowances)
  • If the time allotment has been fulfilled and the game has not been completed the game will END
  • No TV (Remotes will be removed from snooker room)
  • Doors to remain open at all times unless Pennant competition in progress
  • All players are to enter via main entrance
  • No spectators.

Conditions for the up and coming Pennant season

  • Only Referee to touch the balls. When possible, players use only cue tip to position cue ball
  • Short rests. One per player, to be allocated to that player (not left on hooks).
    If 2 rests not available, same rule as other rests
  • Other rests. Sanitise rest & hands after use. Only player to touch rest
  • Be aware of 1.5m rule and keep that distance apart
  • Mask to be worn at all times
  • After frame/game, referee to sanitise short rests, table & clean all balls. Reset table. If consecutive frames being refereed, after second frame
  • Room capacities to be strictly observed. Both captains to check & agree before start of play.  No spectators
  • Player registration to be strictly observed. QR codes or sheets
  • Handshaking discouraged
  • Home captain, in liaison with venue manager, to manage overall adherence to Guidelines, including provision of wipes, sanitiser, registration, etc.

All players are to adhere to the above criteria
Mulgrave Country Club Snooker Section

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Snooker Section at Mulgrave Country Club

Members enjoy the use of a dedicated Snooker Room complete with two high quality snooker tables and all the necessary accessories required to cater for pennant snooker and internal social snooker competitions.

The committee meets on a regular basis to organise and encourage both Billiards and Snooker Association (VBSA) season and we are highly competitive at the “C Grade” level.

Our regular events include handicap snooker, weekly practice sessions, Monday night pennant, and organised singles and doubles for our Club Championships.

Currently we cater for several internal and external snooker competitions and we have done this for many years.