Free Live Music at Mulgrave Country Club Wheelers Hill Melbourne

Enjoy live music in the Country Bistro Monday to Saturday evenings

July Program

Monday 1st: Joe D’Rozario
Tuesday 2nd: Lloyd Poole
Wednesday 3rd: Smooth Grooves (Duo)
Thursday 4th: Leon Blaher/
Friday 5th: Family Night
Saturday 6th: Phoenix Road (Duo)
Monday 8th: Gavin Chatelier
Tuesday 9th: Brendan Scott
Wednesday 10th: Peter Blair
Thursday 11th: Leon Blaher
Friday 12th: Family Night
Saturday 13th: Trios (Duo)
Monday 15th: Joe D’Rozario
Tuesday 16th: Lloyd Poole
Wednesday 17th: Peter Blair
Friday 19th: Family Night
Saturday 20th: John Davidson
Monday 22nd: Glaxton Saunders
Tuesday 23rd: Brendan Scott
Wednesday 24th: Joe D’Rozario
Thursday 25th: Leon Blaher
Friday 26th: Family Night
Saturday 27th: Smooth Grooves (Duo)
Monday 29th: Col Perkins
Tuesday 30th: Lloyd Poole
Wednesday 31st: Smooth Grooves (Duo)

August Program

Thursday 1st: Brendan Scott
Friday 2nd: Family Night
Saturday 3rd: Smooth Grooves (Duo)
Monday 5th: Col Perkins
Tuesday 6th: Lloyd Poole
Wednesday 7th: Smooth Grooves (Duo)
Thursday 8th: Leon Blaher
Friday 9th: Family Night
Saturday 10th: Peter Blair
Monday 12th: Peter Blair
Tuesday 13th: Lloyd Pool
Wednesday 14th: Joe D’Rozario
Thursday 15th: Brendan Scott
Friday 16th: Family Night
Saturday 17th: Peter Blair
Monday 19th: Joe D’Rozario
Tuesday 20th: Brendan Scott
Wednesday 21st: Joe D’Rozario
Friday 23rd: Family Night
Saturday 24th: Me and Him (Duo)
Monday 26th: Gavin Chatelier
Tuesday 27th: Leon Blaher
Wednesday 28th: Smooth Grooves (Duo)
Thursday 29th: Leon Blaher
Friday 30th: Family Night
Saturday 31st: John Davidson

September Program

Sunday 1st: John Davidson
Monday 2nd: Joe D’Rozario
Tuesday 3rd: Brendan Scott
Wednesday 4th: Joe D’Rozario
Thursday 5th: Brendan Scott
Friday 6th: Family Night
Saturday 7th: Me and Him (Duo)
Monday 9th: Peter Thackra
Tuesday 10th: Lloyd Poole
Wednesday 11th: Gavin Chatelier
Thursday 12th: Leon Blaher
Friday 13th: Family Night
Saturday 14th: Phoenix Road (Duo)
Monday 16th: Peter Dee
Tuesday 17th: Leon Blaher
Wednesday 18th: Joe D’Rozario
Friday 20th: Family Night